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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2019 / has launched a new blog post that explains how crash-avoidance systems work and how drivers can pay less on car insurance premiums.

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In an attempt to substantially decrease the number of crashes the car industry has come with several solutions. Some of them are the so-called crash-avoidance systems. An increasing number of car manufacturers from across the globe are equipping their products with complex crash-avoidance systems.

The most common crash-avoidance systems are the following:

  • Forward collision warning. This is one of the most effective crash-avoidance systems. This system will allow the car to see ahead of the road with the help of cameras, radars, and different sensors. The system will issue an audio warning if another vehicle, pedestrian, or obstacle gets too close. Some systems that are more advanced will even brake if the driver ignores the warnings.
  • Lane departure warning. The car's sensors will monitor the car's distance from each lane line. Once the car crosses either lane line, this system will alert the driver. More advanced systems will take corrective action by taking control of the brakes and steering wheel in order to put the vehicle in the right lane.
  • Blind-spot monitoring. This feature will detect when a vehicle is in the driver's blind spot. If the car is turning towards the vehicle that is in the blind-spot, then this system will issue audio and visuals warnings.
  • Assisted parking and rear crash avoidance. This feature is designed to help drivers find a fitting parking space and park safely without the worries of hitting an obstacle or a person. This system will automatically brake if a potential collision is detected.
  • Adaptive-cruise control. This system uses a radar to measure the distance between the driver's car and the vehicle in front and determine the speed. This system will adjust the speed of the vehicle in order to keep a safe distance.
  • Drowsiness detection. This feature uses different methods and sensors to detect if a driver is getting drowsy. In order to get the driver back in track, this system will issue multiple warnings.

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"Driving a safe vehicle should be a top priority for any driver. Investing in crash-avoidance technology systems will keep you safe on the road and make you pay less on car insurance", said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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