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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2020 / Seth Kniep is the co-founder of Just One Dime, where he builds Amazon stores for investors and trains entrepreneurs how to build their own Amazon businesses. Along with his team, he has been able to manage over $100 M in annual Amazon revenue; however, Seth notes it was not a smooth path to success. With a mortgage of a two story house, he was broke. Despite working at Apple and outperforming all 800 sales people in his department, Seth couldn't catch a break. It was when he realized he could no longer live like this, feeling ashamed every time his card would get declined at a restaurant or grocery store, that Seth made it a priority to prove himself. He worked harder than ever, and within 2 weeks, he was offered a position at two different departments within Apple. Seth knew this would change everything. However, it was not what Seth expected. As Seth shares,

'I was needed constantly, yet that need did not transfer to my bank account. Living the American dream, I spent my days building someone else's dream. I worked my heart out year round and received annual raises just big enough to buy a few extra bags of coffee every month to medicate my stress with caffeine. And my $24,000 credit card debt was growing. When I wanted to go on vacation I had to request it. If I wanted a day off with my kids, I had to earn it. If I went over my allotted time away, I got in trouble. Apple owned me.'

Despite working incredibly hard, Seth was not able to see the fruits of his work and eventually, his house foreclosed. However, this didn't make Seth give up - instead, he tried even harder, but once again, he was let down in his job, feeling like a failure. At this point, Seth's life felt pointless and this began to affect his personal relationships with his wife and children. It was not until he got to his last blow that he turned his life around. Seth tells the story of being shamed by his boss in front of his own subordinate, making him feel humiliated and sick to his stomach. At that point, Seth was done. In fact, he turned to his wife and said: 'That's it. I'm done. I don't care how brutal or hellish the path may be. I'm building a new life for our family.'

Seth took a different path from there on. As he shares, 'I dove into Dave Ramsey's teachings on how to crush your debt and one day grabbed a paint can and spray painted on the wall in front of my desk: 'Live like no one else...'‍ I didn't have enough room for the second half of that quote: '...so that some day, you can live like no one else.'

Since then, he dedicated himself to learning ecommerce and devoured every book and blog he could find on how to build income streams. One day, he noticed the coins sitting in his van and had an idea - 'How many times would I have to double this to reach $100,000?' I grabbed a calculator. Twenty times. 'That can't be true!' I re-did the math. Yes. Double a dime 20 times and it explodes to exactly $104,857.60,' Seth thought to himself. Right then and there, Seth knew what he had to do.

'Armed with a single dime, the most valuable US coin for its little size, I walked downtown and approached random people, sharing my vision and asking them to double my dime. Some said 'yes' and others laughed. Slowly but surely, my dime turned into $400 just for asking,' Seth shares.

Seth went through many different jobs and paths to be able to get to where he is today. This included much buying and reselling (most successfully on Amazon), driving for independent transportation services like Uber or Lyft, and as things started to take off Seth even began to sublease condos to use for AirBnB. As he built his success, others began to ask him for advice on how to make money selling on Amazon. Seth took this opportunity to teach his peers, and the interest in his teachings grew exponentially. Along with his son, Seth built a full-on training course to help guide others who were looking to make money selling on Amazon FBA and subsequently making a profit. This turned out to be more successful than he ever imagined. As Seth looks back on his path, he states:

'If you are afraid, then do it afraid. Fear has no power over you unless you obey it. Ninety-nine percent of all fears never turn into reality. By living in fear, we end up spending our energy sweating over things that never become reality instead of pouring our energy into actions that bring results. Give fear a big hug and kiss and then go move into action, fearful or not!'

All of Seth's hard work paid off-Amazon even flew Seth to their headquarters along with 9 other Amazon sellers to consult on improving their third party platform. Seth also started to run the Amazon and ecommerce division for one of the sharks from Shark Tank's companies and was asked to train two different countries' top businesses. Today, Seth runs a full time sourcing team in China and manages over 100 million in annual Amazon revenue for name brands and silent investors. He has not only built a successful business, but he has also achieved financial and personal freedom, allowing him to lead the life he wants. Throughout this year, Seth is also working on building Amazon businesses for individuals with capital, but who don't want to take the time to learn how to sell on Amazon. 'They invest, and we grow their investment,' Seth states.

To learn more about Seth and his upcoming projects, check out his YouTube channel or visit his business website here.

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